filmmaking has become democratized; distribution hasn't been

~ we're here to change that ~

the film industry's worst nightmare

some quotes / data  from all of the rejection emails that exist in my inbox from this past year... 


sundance: "we received a record number of submissions this year (over 14,200)" 

new orleans film festival: "this year, we received over 6,200 film submissions from 104 countries and were able to extend invitations to around 3 percent of them."

ann arbor film festival: "of the 2,766 received, 143 films, or 5 percent, were chosen for inclusion."


brooklyn film festival: "please understand that our festival received for the 2019 edition more than 2,500 entries while we only have room for 130 films."


big sky documentary film festival: "we received over 2,000 submissions this year, making it by far the most competitive year to date."

so what happens to these films? 


despite the fact a miracle occurred,

blood, sweat, tears were shed, a film exists (!!!) 

it probably doesn't have distribution. 


this leads to feelings of discouragement + an audience deprived of something that they might love, but they can't see. which is why we exist

the shit you won't see on netflix

Meet the team

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marketing coordinator

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social media manager

matt schmittdiel


what the hell is this?

this is a platform for filmmakers doing the work.

why the hell would you want to make that?

because your work deserves to be seen — even if you didn't have the budget to make the film you dreamt of when you started. definitely if rejection has left you feeling demoralized. especially if you don't identify as a white, hetero, cisgender male.

what the hell do you want me to do about it?

submit your film(s)! get inspired by others! share all of it with your loved ones, liked ones, unliked ones, friends of friends of friends of friends. participate! you get it.

what the hell is in it for me?

well, you get a space that highlights your work among other filmmakers. this space will let our audience know where to find more information about you and your work. it will direct others to your venmo. it will advocate for people who like your work to support your work financially with a donation. 

what if my film got into a festival or two, but i didn't land any kind of distribution?

that's fine too! just send it this way and see what happens.


democratizing distribution

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